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The Mission of this website is to provide a communication platform for all of our graduates to keep abreast of any events that may be of interest to other classmembers.

Up-dates :
I hope all of you have seen and are enjoying the photos of the NA-Class of 1963. 

We now have photos of our 40th Re-Union,  our "45th Re-Union" and the gala 50th Re-Union posted here on our website. Check out all the pictueres on the pages that follow. 

If you recognize anyone that we have not named, or if you notice we have incorrectly named someone, please contact us. Or......if you have additonal photos of any of these events that you are willing to share with your classmates, please send an e-mail to me (dalekeller@zoominternet.net) and we can arrange to get the photos to me for scanning.


During the 50th Re-Union, we had the opportunity to visit the NA History Museum on Cumberland Road. There we saw a multitude of articles from NA's years gone bye. The scary part was that many of us recognized a lot of the pictures, maps, music, and many of the other things I'll just call "Stuff". 

So, with this small background, several members of our class and I thought it would be a good idea to present a "History of NA", and  NA-Overview. Those 2 sections are complete, and we have started to look at the elementary schools we attended, trying to name all of our classmates. I'm sure we will need some help there.  At this time, we also do not have a group photo of each grade in each elementary school, although we are off to a good start.. As we progress you will see the grades and schools that are missing, and if anyone has photos of their elementary school, it will be greatly appreciated if you will share those with us. 

The Overview of the NA School District and Timeline have been added to our website, (check pages under the MORE tab above). Take a look at Elementary Schools also under the MORE tab above and you will see our progress, starting with the 1951/52 First Grade Class in the first school building, Peebles Elementary, a 2 room school house. Below that you will see links to Peebles 2nd and 3rd Grades. Click on the "Red" tabs to see each class and the students' names. In the coming months, we will look at  group photos for the remaining Peebles classes and each of the other 6 elementary schools. We hope to be able to locate as many grades as possible for each school, and TRY to identify each person. 


If you move, have your phone number or e-mail address changed, please notify Dale Keller, WebMaster at                              dalekeller@zoominternet. net as soon as possible.